To the Senglea Residents’ Association

Dalwaqt bil-Malti


we are stronger !

If you live or work in Senglea and would like to improve all aspects of this exceptional city, this is your opportunity to do so by joining Se.R.A.

Mission Statement

We are a non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, empower and educate
to enhance the quality of life of our residents by conserving and creating lasting solutions to our environment.

The aims of the association

Be a voice
for the local community

Enhance the quality of life for all residents

Protect and improve
the environment

Lobby the local council to influence decisions taken by government officials and mepa

Make residents aware of the mechanisms available and encourage them to report issues

Participate in the work of other NGOs for the benefit of residents

Download Se.R.A. statute

Join Us

Become a member of the Senglea Residents’ Association and help us work together to achieve our goal to enhance the quality of life of all residents and protect our environment. Remember Senglea is an exceptional city to live in.

Your support really counts !

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Contact us

Senglea Residents’ Association (Se.R.A.)
21 Victory Street - Senglea ISL 1168

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